1. How to shoot photos for the total eclipse

    I was preparing shooting the great total eclipse on 8/21, and learned a lot about shooting with long lenses.

    For the eclipse itself, usually there are two types of photos. First is time lapse or multiple exposure using medium focal length, which is able to show the entire process ...

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  2. Full frame and medium fromat cameras

    I was recently investigating whether I should invest in a full frame or medium format camera. And here are some thoughts to share.

    Full frame sensor is the sensor that has the same size as a 35mm regular film. And medium format sensors refer to all the sensors that have ...

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  3. Photography and optics

    I was learning about photography recently, especially beginning from optics. Surprisingly, some incomplete dots I learned before was connected in the processs.

    First, I want to recommend a course here, named digital photography. The instructor is a professor from Stanford CS, and a principal engineer at Google. So it’s ...

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  4. 能理解聊天记录的微信机器人

    TL;DR: 做了个在两个群中间互相转发消息的机器人(github),对聊天机器人的一些思考,可以把文本理解加进来做有意思的应用。

    最近看到了一些基于微信机器人的有意思的应用,比如用微信汇报模型的训练状态(TensorFlowKeras)。这个是个很好的出发点。聊天机器人(chatbot)这个概念在slack, telegram, skype甚至最早的google wave上面流行已经有一段时间了。大家主要用它来:

    • 进行一些推送服务 。一个例子就是上面的模型训练。还有持续集成(continuous integration)上也有一些bot可以让你知道软件编译,测试和部署的状态。
    • 提供简单的信息服务,比如可以查天气,查github issue的bot。
    • 提供一些基于指令的服务。比如扎克伯格做的bot,输入开门的指令可以把门打开。
    • 用一定程度的自然语言理解来陪聊.

    但我觉得这些并没有体现聊天机器人的核心优势。仔细看这四个方面的应用,它们其实都可以不通过聊天来完成,甚至不通过聊天可能会更方便。比如推送服务有系统信息推送(pushbullet, IFTTT notification等), 查天气系统就有app,智能家居我更希望点点按钮而不是打字,陪聊这个必须要聊天没办法。大家愿意把它做到聊天程序里面去,主要是因为用户实在是太话唠了,很多时间都花在聊天程序里面,这样做成bot等于多了一个入口,何乐而不为?但这样做并不代表这个入口是最优的或者无可取代的 ...

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