Updates on Beamer Outline Generator

Beamer Outline Generator is a tool for fast beamer writing. This tool enables you to express your outlines with indents and generate elegant beamer code automatically. The aim/motivation is to write slides as fast as you can in Microsoft Powerpoint with LaTeX.

The new version has following changes:

  1. Canceled the beamer info panel (in the right bottom corner) in the generated code.
  2. Added page number in the generated code.
  3. Use TAB for indents in the generated code, which makes it easier to format in editors.
  4. Use TAB rather than 4 spaces to indicate indents.
  5. Added area for comments with facebook plugin.
  6. Modified CSS to make it more visually pleasant.

Enjoy! BTW, the address is http://lab.grapeot.me/beamer/.