Lumia 900

Got a Lumia 900 after using iPhone for quite a long time. It's very different from iPhone. Some are good, while some are bad.

  • Smooth OS experience: This is a big plus. The system is very responsive, and the back key is pretty handy.
  • Input method: The keyboard amazes me! Both English and Chinese input methods are excellent. Auto correction makes the input experience just like on an iPad, it can almost guess every single word you input correctly. And the Chinese input method is even better than sogou. This makes the phone very suitable for business.
  • Tile interface: Compared to iPhone and android's interfaces, personally I like this design! Actually most apps will not be often used. "Pin to start" balanced the "popular" apps and the "regular" ones.
  • UI: Some designs are good, like there is a "share on facebook" in the menu of photos. But there are no SBSettings-like toggles for WiFi, Flight mode, etc. And some apps will just make the CPU usage 100%, and there is no way to terminate processes by users, thus I have to restart the phone.
  • Apps: well, there are fewer apps in Windows platform currently, but you'll find most popular ones there. I have Office, Skype, Amazon Kindle, Dropbox, Facebook, SSH client, Yelp, etc., which are quite enough for business, especially considering Personal Information Management Suite like People and Calendar has been put in the phone.
  • IE10: I have to say, this is worse than Safari. You have to tap quite a few times to switch tabs or enter favorites. And the Gmail interface is as naïve as non-smartphones. The speed is good though.

In summary, the impression Windows Phone gives me is fast. It's super fast. But there are really some places Microsoft needs to polish more.