Experience about Hertz 24/7

Hertz 24/7 is basically Hertz's zipcar. Register to get $75 credit, can be combined with Columbia's Gold Plus Rewards. Also swipe the key nob (an RFID chip) and good to go. I rent a car in my California trip around July 4th, and share some experience with you here.

Short story: crappy management system (from an engineering view), good customer service.

Long story with the problems I've got (after reading the instructions and FAQ carefully) and how to solve them:

  1. The price is good (no underage fees yay, fuel and insurance included), the car is new ('13 model), flexible rate by hour (or day in a lower rate). And booking through iPhone app is pretty easy and smooth.
  2. I left my key nob in NYC, but was able to get a new one for free in the Hertz office.
  3. It took about half an hour to get in the car because the system kept canceling my reservation once I swiped the key nob. Called Hertz three times, nothing changed in the first twice, and it suddenly worked when I was describing what happened at the third time @_@ I guess this is related to my change of the key nob. This also caused Hertz put two holds on my credit card.
  4. Cannot start the engine once in the parking lot when we returned from the Golden Gate Bridge. After calling Hertz, I learned to use the key nob chip to lock/unlock the car, instead of using the actual car key.
  5. Refuel with your own credit card, snap the receipt and send to Hertz. I got the credit several days later.
  6. I returned the car on July 4th (when the office was closed, and that's also why I chose Hertz 24/7 because you cannot return the car with regular Hertz when their office is closed). And checked the iphone app to make sure others can book it. But received the email today saying I just returned the car and charged me ~$400 for overtime... @_@ Called Hertz and they promised to refund me immediately. The reason was I didn't tell the system to end the reservation by pressing a button.