A new start...

Long time no updates here... Need to have some fresh new start. Anyway, blog is a good place to organize the thoughts and keep good habits.

Record the life

As getting busier, it's also harder for friends to get to know your life. As a PhD student, with less time for twittering, fbing, and calling with friends, blog is becoming one of the few ones surviving for friends to know me. That pushes me to restart the posts with "Alive" tags, which is for recording the life. This tag was closed for about 2 years because I just want to make the blog look professional, but it seems the demo website and the academic homepage fit better.

So, will try to make this a frequently-updating place, and hopefully you'll see my life here, unlike the fragments in facebook.

Morning reading

Read some books recently, like "Brain bugs" and "The personal credibility factor". Quite inspiring books, although more suitable for quick digest rather than patient reading. Also inspired from Yun Zhou (link in Chinese), begin thinking about fixing some time for book reading, just like the freshman year getting up at 6:30am reading English. :) So, plan to begin tomorrow, getting up at 06:30, begin reading in front of Low Library from 06:45 to 07:30, and then share the thoughts in the blog/weibo!

Plan for the win Resumed the jogging yesterday and begin using Mint today. Have a strong feeling that plan/budget is really important. When having a goal such as don't stop for 3.5km, I can clearly tell I'm doing good or bad (and finally make it). Making progress looks so difficult and even impossible without even a goal. Time for the first series of the goals.

  1. Do morning reading till leaving for intern.
  2. Jog every two days till leaving for intern.
  3. Do morning reading till intern ends.

In summary, feeling a new life growing with the semester ends. Let it begin.