1. Catastrophic Failure

    I have been a happy user of DigitalOcean for more than 5 years now. But got two accidents in the past month. One for the machine being powered down for no reason. Talked with the support but we couldn't find anything, no operations from DO backend, also no log from …

  2. How to shoot photos for the total eclipse

    I was preparing shooting the great total eclipse on 8/21, and learned a lot about shooting with long lenses.

    For the eclipse itself, usually there are two types of photos. First is time lapse or multiple exposure using medium focal length, which is able to show the entire process …

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  3. Full frame and medium fromat cameras

    I was recently investigating whether I should invest in a full frame or medium format camera. And here are some thoughts to share.

    Full frame sensor is the sensor that has the same size as a 35mm regular film. And medium format sensors refer to all the sensors that have …

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  4. Photography and optics

    I was learning about photography recently, especially beginning from optics. Surprisingly, some incomplete dots I learned before was connected in the processs.

    First, I want to recommend a course here, named digital photography. The instructor is a professor from Stanford CS, and a principal engineer at Google. So it’s …

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